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February 2019

A fashion model often leads a very public life. People are fascinated with models and the activities that they pursue and the more popular they get the more people want to know about them. Brooklyn Decker is a good example of that. This beautiful fashion model has had an interesting life and by letting people know more about her she is able to connect with her fans. When you learn more about your favorite fashion model you can understand why they pursue certain activities, why they choose to appear in specific fashion shows, or why they decide to step outside the fashion world.
If you are a fan of Brooklyn Decker, here are the top 3 ways that you can find out more about this fashion model...

Top 1

Social media

Brooklyn Decker likes connecting with her fans and there are two ways that you can connect with her. She has a Facebook page and an official Twitter account where she posts about things that are going on in her life and causes that she supports. She does reply to fans when their messages warrant a response and she is friendly and approachable. Tweeting with a fashion model is always fun because you sometimes get them to answer you and then your followers think you are important! But it is also just interesting to get to know her on a level that you wouldn’t normally be able to.

Top 2


You can learn a lot about Brooklyn Decker and her fashion model career and past from her Wikipedia page. The page tells you about how she got started and the magazines that she has appeared in. You’ll also learn about how she got started in acting and what shows and movies she has been in. One of the best things about her Wikipedia page is that it has many links for other sites where you can learn more about her.

Top 3

The online fan site

There are several fan sites for Brooklyn Decker online but one of the best sites that focuses on this fashion model is Brooklyn Decker Online. This site has a great deal of information and is updated almost daily. You can watch previews of her new movies, browse through picture galleries, and find out all sorts of facts and trivia about this fashion model that you might not have discovered elsewhere. The true Brooklyn Decker fan will love this site.

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Brooklyn Decker is a fashion model with a lot of diversity. Not only has she worked hard to achieve success as a fashion model but she is moving seamlessly into acting, too. You will love learning about her and connecting with her in these three venues. Her pleasant smile and great figure might be what drew you in but her fun personality will keep you there.

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