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February 2019

The Miss America Pageant is known for beautiful women, beautiful clothing, and talent. It is the reason that it is watched my people all around the world; however, there is also some amusing tidbits that make the Miss America Pageant even more interesting. Mistakes, nervous answers, and other slip ups are natural in a live event and viewers often enjoy watching for these. They are fun but they do not detract from the beauty of the show.

Here are the top 3 things that would have made you laugh at the 2012 Miss America Pageant...

Top 1

Eliminations - from 15 to 12 contestants

Part of the Miss America Pageant is eliminating contestants. They start off with 53 and then quickly whittle it down to 15. Then 3 more contestants are eliminated. When the elimination that would take them from 15 to 12 contestants took place the remaining women were given the opportunity to “save” one of the eliminated contestants by lining up behind the one they wanted to save. The funny part about this was that the hosts, Charvet and Harrison, were not capable of counting how many were behind each potentially eliminated woman. Instead, they had to bring in an accountant from Ernst & Young to do it for them. Seems like the hosts really are nothing but pretty faces!

Top 2


No, not the kind of pop-ups you get on your computer but the kind that were used by MTV in their Pop-up Videos series in the 80s and 90s. I guess the Miss America Pageant was going for a more pop/trendy look this year and thought it would add some interest to the show. Most people admit that they are just annoying. But if you took the time to read any of them you’d find some humorous pop-ups. For example, one contestant is afraid of windmills, another wants to swim with dolphins, and one knows how to give a pedicure to a cow! Yes, we needed to know that!

Top 3

Crowning the winner

This is always a tear jerker - at least for the contestant that wins. And knowing that you think that they would have made a better choice regarding the makeup that the contestants wore. This year they wore Amway products and the poor girl that won ended up with mascara streaks almost down to her chin. Just a tip Miss America Pageant producers: Cover Girl is much better for streak proof makeup!

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The Miss America Pageant is a huge event and it takes a lot of work to put it together. Of course, the more time and effort it takes, the more likely it is for things to get skipped over and mistakes to happen. That’s okay though - those mistakes just make for bigger entertainment!

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