Top 3 Things to Do at a Day Spa at La Costa Resort - Best Health Review

February 2019

Spa Magazine recently named La Costa Resort as Spa as the #1 Wellness in North America. When you look at the services they offer and consider all the things you could do at a day spa you will understand why they have been bestowed that honor. A day spa at La Costa Resort is nothing other than pure luxury and there are a variety of way that you can enjoy your day that you have set aside just for you - or maybe for you and a couple of close friends or for you and your spouse. Whether you love the outdoors or prefer the tranquility of an indoor treatment, you will be sure to find a plethora of ways to treat yourself.
Here are the top 3 things to do at a day spa at La Costa Resort...

Top 1

Enjoy a spa treatment.

When you visit a day spa you can’t miss out on the spa treatments if you are looking for relaxation and even health benefits like increased blood flow or increased immunity to illnesses. If you visit the La Costa Resort day spa with your spouse or partner there are several couple’s treatments that you can enjoy together such as the Romantic Journey for Two, which includes massage and private time in the VIP Spa Suite. Enjoy some alone time to rejuvenate your soul with the Aromatherapy Rain Massage or the Coastal Stone Massage or one of the other many options you can enjoy at a day spa.

Top 2

Enjoy a Group Package.

If you are enjoying a spa day with your girlfriends the group packages at La Costa Resort are perfect for you. The Celebrate and Congratulate package is perfect for those that are celebrating a special occasion like a birthday or retirement. The package includes a spa treatment of your choice and lunch and a private patio so that you can spend time with your friends. Other packages include the Wedding Bliss and Baby’s Kiss package and the Rejuvenate and Repower package.

Top 3

Enjoy a meal at the Spa Cafe.

You still need to eat and the Spa Cafe is the perfect setting to make sure that you stay relaxed while at the La Costa Resort. It is set in the peaceful courtyard garden where you can enjoy the California sunshine. Choose from an array of satisfying and nutritious meals that will be sure to satisfy both your appetite and your soul.

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A day spa experience at La Costa Resort is the perfect choice when you need to escape from the rigors of everyday life for a little while. For an entire day you can be pampered and enjoy the luxurious lifestyle. Whether you are alone or with friends you will find that a day spa vacation can be a great way to celebrate life.

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