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February 2019

When people are searching for tattoo ideas they take many things into consideration. They may consider where they want the tattoo on their body, what colors they want to use, or what they want it to symbolize. One of the popular symbols that people choose is the feather tattoo. A feather tattoo can stand for many things though and people choose this from the many tattoo ideas for many reasons. There are even many different tattoo ideas that people can choose from once they have decided to get a feather as their tattoo.

The top 3 tattoo ideas for a feather tattoo are...

Top 1

The Native American feather tattoo

This tattoo idea is chosen by Native Americans and by those who are not Native American because it symbolizes freedom of spirit and truth. It is often paired with other symbols like wings, a circle, or an animal. This can modify or strengthen the meaning of the feather tattoo. The Native American feather tattoo is very personal and usually holds a lot of meaning for the one who chooses it.

Top 2

The Celtic feather tattoo

The robes worn by Celtic Druids were covered in tattoos and each color had a specific meaning. Red stood for courage or passion and purple represented power, while orange was for energy and yellow represented intelligence. Feathers are often spread out into a fan and the most common feathers were those of the peacock or the turkey.

Top 3

The freedom feather tattoo

People often come up with tattoo ideas from common sayings. For example, the saying, “free as a bird” is common but it has a lot of meaning for many people. Some may use a bird to symbolize that meaning while others might use the feather. The feathered tattoo, in this case, stands for freedom from many different things like worries, a relationship, society’s expectations or even something else that is very personal to the individual. The feather tattoo might be embellished with something else like a name, flowers, or another symbol that is relevant to the person getting the tattoo.

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A feather tattoo can hold a lot of meaning and many people who are searching for tattoo ideas look to feathers for meaning. While there is a lot of variety among the meanings that can be represented by a feather tattoo they are not the only meanings that they may have. People choose feather tattoos from the many tattoo ideas for personal reasons. You may never know why someone has chosen this particular tattoo. But no matter what the reason is that a person chooses a feather tattoo, no matter what the symbolism is behind that tattoo it is beautiful. A feather tattoo can be simple in black and white or sepia tones or it can be intricate with exquisite designs and colors.

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