Top 3 tanning salon procedures in 2012 - Best Health Review

February 2019

Tanning has been a popular issue in 2011 and definitely going to be as popular as it supposed to be in 2012. Usually UV tanning and sunless tanning are most popular practices in the top tanning salons around. Palm Beach Tan has turned out to be the leader among the tanning and day spa enterprises. According to their spa and massage expert, you need to use an indoor tanning lotion for any tanning type of method you follow. Most popular tanning products like Mystic Tan, Caribbean Gold work on maximizing tanning effects. They also work as a nourished and moisturizer of skin.

Top 1

Tanning Intensifiers

This intensifier is a non-tingle, ultra moisturizing and dark tanning product. You can go beyond the extremes of brown color. Bronzer intensifiers are vitamin rich formulas that can produce long lasting colors that lasts 8 days or, even more. Nowadays, tanning experts are creating formulas concerning skin care and skin nutrition. These products trigger melanin production and thus tan skin in a short time. These products are long-term tanners.

Top 2

SPF tanners

SPFs are great tanners under the sun as they provide best protection from the harmful UB rays. These tanners can protect the skin from UVA and UVB at the same time with stabilizing components that hydrate skin. Some SPF tanners have special face protection formulas. It not only protects the face, but also reduces fading.

Top 3

Sunless tanners

Sunless tanners fall in different categories: pre-sunless, self-tanners and post-sunless products. You can use these products during summer or, even in the mild seasons. These products usually stay longer than any other products available. They have exfoliating characters, which protect the skin and nourish that as well. Specifically post-sunless tanners eliminate odor, help extending the tan and prevent fading.

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Apart from the premium tanners, you may try other products from the newer companies. Either the sunless tanners or, the self-tanners, they both work in the same way and mostly involve epidermis. FDA has recently passed a tanning pill popular as an over the counter drug named Canthaxanthin. You must consider one thing very carefully. These tanning products if come without sunscreen need you to use an additive sun protection to save your screen. Even if the tanner you use have sunscreen, I’d recommend you to add a high quality sun screen to protect your skin from the UV rays. Consider other skin care products to promote skin health even better.

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