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February 2019

Number of men seeking plastic surgery to boost their looks has increased a lot in these few years. Even in 90’s cosmetic surgery was only a matter of interest for women. However, in 2011 some specific procedures was on the rise and the cosmetic surgery organization is expecting the number to grow even more in coming years. From 2000 to 2005, the cosmetic organization USA has recorded a consistent 45% rise in males’ minimal invasive cosmetic surgery. Microdermabrasion is popular among men as breast implants used to be among the women. Botox and Laser hair removal are some more popular plastic surgery procedures being popular across the world.

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Botox is a new arrival in the cosmetic surgery industry. Attraction of using Botox to retain youth longer is consistently increasing among men and women equally. Botox has a connection with Botulism; however, it is more popular as wrinkles banishing ingredients. Some youth enthusiasts are these days arranging Botox parties to stay young longer. People practice Botox besides other popular procedures like liposuction, butt implants etc.

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This specific plastic surgery procedure involves suction of dead skins from epidermis. Usually the skin gets damaged gradually due to it’s exposure to harmful substances. Surgeons have represented this as a better alternative to the classic facial plastic surgery procedures. Some leadings salons, beauty specialists and spas also perform this minimal invasive procedure. This plastic surgery procedure truly endorses youth by removing spots on face or extremities.

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Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal also lists among top 3 males’ invasive procedures. This is a permanent hair removal procedure performed by the invisible laser beams and heat rays into the hair follicles. Recurring hair removal processes are irritating and time-consuming. Men these days are looking forward to these permanent approaches to look younger. This procedure is popular for hair removal from chest, back or exposed body parts in males.

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In these recent years, another female-oriented plastic surgery procedure has become popular; Liposuction among males has been consistently on rise. Besides these three male-eccentric procedures being on rise, nose shaping, hair transplantation and butt implantation has also remained popular as they were. As a whole, the operative procedures now present minimal risk. This assurance of safety is making more people interested in boosting their physical attractions through plastic surgery. The plastic surgeons are continuously working to improvise these surgical procedures and putting their efforts to make them less invasive and safer.

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