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February 2019

Paul Mitchell is one of the top selling beauty and hair care suppliers in the world. Paul Mitchell products are only available in the best hair salons and they can’t be bought off the shelf like other beauty products. They are known for their high quality and Paul Mitchell users rarely by other beauty products and are very loyal. Beauty products make a great gift for women that care about their appearance. Paul Mitchell offers several beauty packages that are sure to thrill any woman.

The top 3 beauty packages from Paul Mitchell that are sure to make a woman happy are...

Top 1

The Paul Mitchell Refreshing Revival Moisture Set

This beauty set is perfect for anyone that needs hydration in their hair. It includes a 300 ml bottle of Instant Moisture® Daily Shampoo (a mild daily cleanser with rosemary, henna, jojoba, and aloe) and a 300ml bottle of Instant Moisture® Daily Treatment (a deep penetrating conditioner that hydrates dry hair). These products help repair split ends and seal in moisture and is ready for gift giving in a beautiful designer gift box.

Top 2

The Paul Mitchell Give Peace Lavender Mint Gift Set

If you are buying a gift for a woman that loves relaxing scents that make her feel full of life, this beauty package is a great option. It has three great products to make her hair feel amazing. The 300 ml bottle of Lavender Mint shampoo makes the scalp feel wonderful as it cools the skin and the combination of the scent of lavender and mint are both refreshing and relaxing. This beauty product will strengthen hair and add shine for a truly radiant look. Of course, there is also a 300ml bottle of Lavender Mint condition to follow up with. It will help with split ends while it adds moisture and it is safe for colored hair. This beauty product also comes with the limited edition Paul Mitchell bamboo comb.

Top 3

The Paul Mitchell Smoothie Pie Smoothing Set

Do you know a woman who complains about her unruly hair or has curly hair that frizzes up when it rains? Then this beauty package is perfect for her. This Paul Mitchell set has 3 products that are great for taming wild hair. The Super Skinny Daily Shampoo comes in a 300ml bottle and does wonders for thick hair. It doesn’t add volumes and eases the frizz from hair that just needs a bit of control. The 300 ml bottle of Super Skinny Daily Treatment has a special conditioner that softens hair while it detangles. Finally, the 25ml bottle of Super Skinny Serum injects shine as it smoothes and protects hair from thermal elements that can cause so much damage.

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Paul Mitchell beauty packages are a great choice for gifts. Women love to be able to pamper themselves and the beautiful scents and fabulous treatments will make them feel like they have had a day at the spa.

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