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February 2019

Nail art is now a very popular fashion trend among people. Thousands of girls simply go crazy hearing off opi nail polish and brand nail art products available around. 2012 was a year for exhilarating development in the field of nails makeup and nail art. According to Sally Hansen, the internationally accredited nail designs expert, nail polish is one of the most important make up equip. As a boy loves his mustache, a girl admires good nail art and designs. The celebrities around the world also show up with several exciting new designs and inspire the nails fashion experts each day in the industry. Let’s talk about the top 3 talk-of-the-towns in 2012 in the nail polish industry.

Top 1

Ombre Nails

This one is now the prime nail polish trends around. You don’t need the airbrush to become master in this. You will need two different nail polish colors and a blobbing hand, simple. First, you will need to put the dark color in U-shape roughly. You have to make sure that the layer is thick enough. Now you should fill the Space inside the U with the lighter color. Once done, add on a topcoat layer so that the colors blend and present a homogenous look.

Top 2

Spotted nail designs

Spot nail designs have been in the trends since a long time. Still now, it has retained the attractions among the stylish women around. This type of nail art is fairly easy. First, you should put on a layer of nail polish that’ll work as the base polish. After that, add some scattered dots distributed alongside the nails perimeter. Put on a slight non-colored layer of nail polish to make the design shine. The simple but unique design makes the art a good pick for parties.

Top 3

Split nails

This style is the best fit for reverse French manicure. You can use this Chevron design on a sophisticated nail bed, I’d recommend after taking a complete French manicure course. To craft this nail art, you should create a triangle on the bottom of your nail by the base nail polish color. Then you have to use a brush to draw a cross covering the edges of previously drawn triangle. While doing this make sure that the spaces inside the triangle are filled with the base nail polish completely. Now, fill the rest of your nail with black.

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There are thousands of nail crafts showing up every day. You can choose anyone you like, however you may try the listed items, hope they’ll entice you.

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