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February 2019

A preteen or even the established models often make mistake that can easily end their career with a devastating failure. Here, we’ll talk about the don’t do’s in modeling anyway and ever. I often have seen some common modeling mishaps happen regularly in the world of fashion and modeling. If you keep your eyes on fashion week 2012, you’ll find the top models making silly mistakes. Here I’ll try to tell how to avoid the biggest mishaps in your modeling career. As an example, I can tell you about the preparation concept of an emerging model. She is often seen finalizing the best recruiters for shooting, make-ups and marketing. But she often fails to get the best pieces for herself. Today, I’ll talk about the attitude issues of a model, no matter how successful he or she is.

Top 1

Be everywhere in time!

In this field of fashion and modeling, timeliness is a very important quality to have. If you have made an appointment with either your photographer, or, your makeup artist, you should be their timely. You must know one thing, your photographer is waiting for you and if you are not in time, you will actually make someone else waiting.

Top 2

Be Amicable!

I have hardly known a fashion model that is used to argue with his photographer. When you are about to start a shooting-session, you have to know what the photographer is looking for. You can also offer suggestions if you have any. In case you are uncomfortable with something, say it to the photographer cordially. Losing temper will definitely get you to nowhere; and in this fashion industry, you are certainly not allowed to do that.

Top 3

Dealing with the makeup artists and hair specialists

In fashion industry, you have to show respect to everyone you work with. You must be respectful to the makeup artists and hair experts you have appointed. They will also have their similar professional views like the photographers. In a makeup session, you have to be very cordial with them. You always have the option to suggest them, but you should also follow their instructions carefully. You must admit, mutual understanding is very important for a successful model.

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Thousands of new models are trying to build career in this field. And in many cases, their ventures remain failures. Still some of them taste the ultimate flavor of success; and I can tell you, their attitudes help them a lot to stay ahead of others.

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