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February 2019

Men these days are in love with tattoos. Celebs like Ami James, Wiz Khalifa has made these tattoo designs even more popular around the world. Men love Gucci mane tattoos and his unique ideas. Now, tattoo ideas have replaced the piercings craze among men. Several tattoo designs were in headlines of the leading fashion magazines across 2011. Some tattoo artists are performing dermal piercing for drawing tattoos that people commonly denote as permanent ones. Let’s find out some ideas that lead the tattoo trends these days.

Top 1

Nautical Star

Have you wondered with the dashing look of marine star tattoos? You can find these five pointed nautical stars on the compass rose of mariner’s chart. This denotes the salty mists of time. Polaris, another name of these denotes the north polar crucial marine navigation. This type of white tattoos varies in size and may come with two colors. Young hipsters are crazy about the retro feel of these. Mark McGrath, the lead singer of Sugar Ray got a blue marine star on his left elbow. Elbow is a perfect choice of placement for these, but you can also try it on the forearms; but you must maintain the straightness of the surface you place these.

Top 2

Tribal Tattoos

Do you want other people keep away from messing with you? Well, tribal tattoos are definitely the best choices for you then. Boys are nowadays looking forward to show their toughness through these designs perform tattooing on their arms. This style originates from the Polynesian tattooing traditions and lately has turned out to be a hot craze among the tough people around. You’ll find many WWF wrestlers, promising rappers showing up with these tattoos on stage.

Top 3

Ideograms in Chinese and Japanese

Have you lately checked out the tattoos made on David Boreanaz’s wrists? These are Chinese ideograms (pictures with special meanings). This type of tattoo design has been the talk of the town recently. Some Chinese and Japanese characters meaning positive words such as strength, love and luck are the popular tattoo picks these days. Conversationalist men are mostly the patrons of these unique style tattoos.

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Few more styles like skull tattoo, dragon, and cross are leading the popular tattoo charts. Leading tattoo artists are coming up with newer ideas every now and then. Celebs also consider customized tattooing; as an example wiz khalifa tattoos these days are mostly ice cream shapes on face. You’ll make you feel like a celeb, if you choose a customized one.

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