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February 2019

The weight lifters start their training through two exercises, Bench presses and Curls. Among young adult men chest or, pectorals (pecs) are the second most important exposures that stands only after biceps. And for the women around, maintaining a well built chest is even more important as it presents as one of their chief features. Their toned chests are important to maintain the desirable perky appearance of their breasts. However, there are many chest workouts promoted by the popular weightlifters and physical trainers. But among them, some are worth your time and attention. Let’s check out the top 3 workouts for males that help building chests.

Top 1

Bench press (barbell)

This is still popular as the most effective chest exercise. Bench press on the flat barbell engrosses the standard for strength competence of a person. If you wish to follow and practice only 3 exercises to build your pecs, this one should be on your list for sure. This procedure is a part of almost every power lifting competitions. Three different grips help building chest. They are:
Close grip: focuses on building triceps
Wide grip: focuses on building chest
Middle grip: focuses on building combined muscle

Top 2

Bench press (dumbbell)

Dumbbell-bench press is on the 2nd place of the chest exercise list. This ensures a balance in both sides of your body. Dumbbells also balance the strength of the body. This dumbbell pressing move the weight towards the body midline and thus improvise the intended functions of the pectoral muscles.

Top 3

Push Ups

Without using smith machine, it’s very difficult for anyone to practice explosive bench pressing. Even the most powerful wet lifters are interested in the push up procedures. This has been a very popular chest workout since the beginning of professional fitness exercises. This exercise is an obvious ideal for building chest, triceps and shoulder girdle. Expert fitness trainers recommend following clapping and plyometric push-ups.

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Building your chest is a very important part of fitness training. Expert trainers emphasize a lot on chest workouts. They provide with a detailed fitness plan for the trainees. You can follow the plans according to your fitness capabilities, or, you can talk to the experts for personal charts. Chest workouts are advanced level fitness practices. Therefore, expert association is necessary and I recommend you to follow the rules in a concerned way. Choose your trainer after you have been in a consulting session and create a mutual relationship with your trainer.

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