Top 3 Benefits of Zumba Classes as a Workout - Best Health Review

February 2019

Zumba classes have become a very trendy workout, especially for women. When women want to lose weight or get in shape there are two things that are critical. One is finding something that they enjoy and Zumba classes are definitely fun. They make people laugh and the music that is played during the workout is energizing and inspires movement. The other things women need in a workout is something that available at many times throughout the day and with the popularity of Zumba classes most fitness facilities offer a variety of time slots to make it easy for people to find one that suits their needs. Besides satisfying these two needs, there are several other benefits that can be found in a Zumba workout.

Top 1

Zumba classes offer a high calorie burn.

When you want to lose weight one of the most important factors is finding an activity that is high energy and Zumba will satisfy that requirement. Classes are fast paced and the music that accompanies the class encourages that. With the Spanish/Latin beats pushing your forward you can’t help but feel inspired. The amount of calories that are burned in Zumba classes will vary according to a person’s weight and fitness level but in an hour you can expect to burn around 500 calories and up to 800 calories.

Top 2

A Zumba workout reduces stress.

One of the factors that contribute to obesity is stress. It is not talked about as much as diet and activity levels but stress can inhibit your body’s ability to keep weight off. Zumba classes reduce stress through high energy music that will make you smile and movement that makes you feel light and young. With the intense activity that your body is performing, you workout will release endorphins to the brain that reduce stress and make you feel happy.

Top 3

Zumba is a whole body workout.

With many types of physical activity, specific groups of muscles are used. With Zumba classes, all the muscles in the body are utilized. Each workout is like an interval workout. You move quickly from one type of movement to another. Each muscle group gets some attention. Both anaerobic and aerobic movements are implemented throughout the class. As a result, you will notice changes all over your body. Abdominals will feel tight, you’ll lose fat in those trouble spots, and even you mind will feel the benefits!

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Zumba classes are a great option for women of all fitness levels. The exercises can be easily adapted to your age and fitness level. Look for classes that are led by instructors that take these things into consideration if you are concerned about being able to keep up. They will offer modifications to each part of the workout to make sure that everyone in the class is able to get the most out of the routine.

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