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March 2019 - Pageant Center

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Pageant Center is an educational site devoted to pageants. For over a decade we have been recognizing the contributions pageants make to women's lives worldwide.

Top 3 miss USA 2012 pageant preparation steps

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Pageant grounding associates to be the most time-consuming preparative course. Especially when you are preparing yourself for Miss America 2012, you have to perform things perfectly. Without ensuring this, you cannot expect to triumph the title of Miss USA 2012. Miss Texas lately admitted about her faith in natural exposures. She was always confident about her natural beauty. Therefore, while preparing...

Top 3 Things That Were Funny at the Miss America Pageant This Year

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The Miss America Pageant is known for beautiful women, beautiful clothing, and talent. It is the reason that it is watched my people all around the world; however, there is also some amusing tidbits that make the Miss America Pageant even more interesting. Mistakes, nervous answers, and other slip ups are natural in a live event and viewers often enjoy watching for these. They are fun but they do not detract...

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